About MiLuna

I scribbled down the idea of MiLuna years ago with my greasy pizza fingers while enjoying a slice with a friend. I watched as she opted for the fork and knife method and sawed through her slice, dragging cheese and toppings from the crust. I thought to myself, there must be a better way…

Well, why reinvent the wheel? The solution of course is called a pizza cutter, which Silvio Pacitti invented over 300 years ago. He called it the Mezza Luna or "Half Moon" because it was shaped like a crescent moon and was used to rock back and forth to cut the pie into slices.

As a nod to Silvio and his Mezza Luna, we developed MiLuna "My Moon" a more personal and nimble version of the traditional pizza cutter.

In addition to pizza, you’ll find MiLuna perfect for any flat-food like quesadilla, french toast, crepes and pancakes. You’ll particularly love MiLuna if you’re the designated cutter for your little ones! You can quickly slice up their food into bite sized pieces with ease, giving you more time to appreciate your meal.

Thanks for checking out MiLuna. We hope you enjoy your slice.




The perfect addition to your dining room table or restaurant.

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