Introducing the world’s first Personal Pizza Cutter

MiLuna, the Personal Pizza Cutter

MiLuna is unlike a knife that drags cheese and other toppings from your pizza slice when you attempt to cut it.

Used in combination with a fork, MiLuna rolls through toppings and crust with ease to create the perfect, bite-sized piece for you to enjoy. 

MiLuna fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and it’s easy to use. Simply rest your index finger on top of the handle and gently press your fingertip against the soft rubber finger stop.

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A new kitchen utensil.

MiLuna is built with high quality, food safe materials, such as an environmentally friendly bamboo handle; a soft, non-slip rubber finger stop; and a stainless steel cutting wheel.

MiLuna is perfect for any home kitchen or restaurant and also works brilliantly with other “flat” foods like pancakes, french toast, and quesadilla.

So let’s keep those butter knives in the drawer and pair your fork with a MiLuna, when indulging in America’s most widely loved food.

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